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What makes CyberOptics the ideal integration partner?

  • About us and our Vision
  • Experience and Leadership
  • Innovative Offerings and Solutions
  • Our competence
  • The CyberOptics Value Proposition


For over 15 years, CyberOptics has helped several MSOs in India stay ahead of the game with a range of systems integration solutions. Our solutions include end-to-end systems integration, digital headend deployment, fiber optic solutions for CATV, CAS & set top-box solutions, billing and CRM, service & support management, training, and knowledge augmentation for MSOs. Our associations with some of the biggest brands in the entertainment industry and our expertise makes us an ideal partner for digitization.

Our Vision and Purpose

Vision: To be the most admired brand in CATV products and solutions.
Purpose: To provide cutting-edge solutions that power the independent MSO into the future.

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Years of experience

Over the last decade and a half, the team at CyberOptics has gained several insights into the industry and its evolution. The expertise gained through interactions with the MSO community makes the CyberOptics team ideally suited to customize a solution for your business.

Able leadership

CyberOptics is led by the most experienced professionals in the business of CATV. Having started with Cable TV business in early 1990s, the founders of CyberOptics utilized their network to evolve their business into one of India’s fastest growing ISP. Today, the founders of CyberOptics are considered thought leaders in the space of CATV and ISP technology in India.

Brijesh Chandwani is a thought leader and a leading entrepreneurial voice in the ISP space in India. Since 1992 he has successfully floated several businesses in the ISP, Media Technology and CATV Industry. In the year 2004 Brijesh set up Beam Telecom, an ISP that disrupted the dial-up ISP market by pioneering the delivery of broadband solutions via fiber optic technology. Under his leadership, the company achieved an unprecedented 15X growth to become the 5th largest ISP in the country. Brijesh began his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age, by starting a Cable TV business in the year 1992 at the age of 19. In 1995, Brijesh pioneered the delivery of MSO services in Hyderabad, which was subsequently acquired by a leading Multi Services Operator. Brijesh received his Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Subram Kapoor is an entrepreneur and finance professional with a deep-seated understanding and unflinching passion for technology centric ideas and businesses. Subram is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of experience. Subram joined Beam Telecom in the year 2004 as its Chief Financial Officer and became an investor and full time director of the company in the year 2006. During his tenure as Executive Director Subram was responsible for the execution of Business Operations, Technology Strategy, Network & Infrastructure rollout, Service Assurance & delivery with a team span of over 1500+ employees. During his stint in Beam Telecom, Subram was responsible for architecting the entire end to end solution delivery platform capable of providing the fastest broadband experience in India.

Innovative offerings and solutions

CyberOptics has always been at the forefront in providing pioneering solutions for the CATV industry. Over the years, CyberOptics has created several benchmarks through innovative ideas and solutions. From introducing fiber optic cables in CATV networks to low cost headends in Tier 2 segments, CyberOptics has ensured the MSOs always stay ahead of the game. The integrated plug & play solution from CyberOptics now ensures the independent MSOs not just save their business but also gain the strength to fight competition like the DTH, HITS and larger national MSOs. CyberOptics has also been actively involved in creating outreach activities to help the independent MSO gain requisite knowledge to make informed decisions.

India's first and only live demo center

CyberOptics set up a fully-functional demo center where MSOs can experience every aspect of digitization working live. The demo center integrates a working digital headend and other components of a digital network.

India's first digitization workshop

CyberOptics started a first-of-its-kind workshop for the MSO community. The one-day workshops help the MSOs gain relevant knowledge and make informed decisions. The sessions also invite component partners to share knowledge.

India's first event for the MSOs

CyberOptics organized a unique event for the MSO community to gain clarity and understanding on digitization and business. The event invited leaders from the industry to share their vision and insights.

Our competence

CyberOptics has achieved critical scale in terms of competence, infrastructure, strong business customer base and distributor and partner networks over the years. With a team of qualified and experienced professionals leading critical functions, CyberOptics makes for an ideal partner for customized digitization solutions.

  • Over 25 years of experience in CATV business in India
  • Strong network of partners, dealers and suppliers globally
  • Established relationships with stakeholders across all levels
    • Multi-service operators
    • Product suppliers
  • Proven experience in system integration
  • Scalable service and support infrastructure
  • State-of-the-art testing and R&D facility
  • Skilled team with years of experience in the CATV industry
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The CyberOptics Value Proposition

With the years of experience, CyberOptics has gained an indepth understanding of the CATV industry and the customer. Continuous research on trends in the business helps us design solutions that ensure the MSOs always stay ahead of the curve. Real business insights and a clear view of the future helps us clearly articulate how the CATV business will evolve.

  • Well-established entry point into the country
  • Warehousing and supplychain capability
  • Multi-faceted and capable workforce comprising:
    • Management experts
    • Technology teams
    • Dedicated feet on the street
  • Strong financial credentials
  • Entrepreneurial outlook to business
  • Growing network of partners and suppliers
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