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An exclusive event for the MSO community in India

  • CableNext: A unique event
  • Agenda of CableNext 2013
  • Partners who participated
  • Role of CyberOptics

CableNext: A unique event

CableNext is an exclusive annual event created by CyberOptics to help the Indian MSO community gain clarity and understanding on digitization and business. The first in the series was held in Hyderabad where over 400 operators came together to hear from the experts and gain from the collective experience of the community. The agenda of the event was for MSOs to understand how they could save their business with digitization. Presentations by component partners helped them to learn about the future of the industry.

Agenda of CableNext 2013

CableNext 2013 was the first in a series of events that will be organized by CyberOptics for the MSO industry to keep ahead in the digitization race. The first event had a simple objective of helping the community understand the importance of digitization and how it would save their business. The kep topics of the event included:

  • How to understand the government’s digitization deadline?
  • How will the Broadcaster-MSO-LCO-Customer relationship model evolve post digitization?
  • Who benefits from digitization (Government/ Broadcaster/ MSO/ LCO/ Customer)
  • What is the process of obtaining a Digital License?

Partners at CableNext 2013

The key agenda of CableNext 2013 was for the MSO community to gain as much knowledge about digitization as possible in a day. Presentations by experts gave the audience a clear view on where the industry is headed. The partners included:

  • Ericsson (Digital Headends)
  • Jiuzhou (STBs)
  • Corpus (Middleware)
  • Magnaquest (Billing & CRM)

Role of CyberOptics

CyberOptics has always celebrated the winning spirit of the independent MSO. CableNext was envisioned as a social platform to help the community come together to share their experiences and learn from those of others. The event was designed as a source of information, inspiration and innovation. CyberOptics intends to make this a regular event involving other regions to help the independent MSOs create value for their business.

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